Starting Your Flag Football Playbook

A playbook is something essential for a flag football team because it comprises of descriptions and diagrams of the plays that the players have practiced. It is their winning guide, their recipe for winning. It contains the plays that they are most familiar with, the drills that they have perfected; the strategies that could make them exceptional. As the coach, you know the uniqueness of each of your players. You have seen their strengths} and weaknesses. You know who the standouts are. Develop the playbook with this in mind. Decide where to setup players and then how to have the game rolling. As you develop your own team’s playbook, think about the following tips:

Keep it easy.
A playbook should be clear and easily understood by everyone. If the players get baffled instead of empowered, the playbook defeats its meaning. You may begin with a drawing of 3 pass routes for your receivers: one short route, a mid route and a long route.

Keep the passing and running balanced.
Even though flag football is more of a passing game, running the ball is equally important to keep the opponents perplexed. To do this, you may draw about 2 plays to each side of the field, keeping one draw play in your playbook for aggressive pass rushers. The greatest teams have these to win tough games.

Maintain a progression of targets & keep lines open.
For pass plays, there should be at least 3 targets: the primary, the secondary and the bail out – the person a player goes to when no one is openand when he desires to get away from the sack. Develop complimentary receiver routes along with your pass plays so that if the right outside receiver runs a deep inside route, a secondary right side receiver can run a mid outside route. Place a bold reminder for your receivers to come back to the quarterback if in trouble.

Create a working audible system.
It is possible to find your team in trouble even though you thought you called the right play. Therefore, always preparea play or two to jumpto. It’s not enough to match an audible with a code name. There must be a system. Avoid being easy to figure out. Try making a series of calls in which a specific word position designates the play. Be creative. Allow every player to be familiar with the system.

Don’t forget your defense.
Match your plays with a strong defense. The goal is to beat theแทงบอลออนไลน์ passing and running speeds of your opponents. A cover 2 is a basic defense to run that most of the time works. In this defense, the cornerbacks and linebackers cover receivers man to man, while the safeties divide the deep field in 2. If a receiver enters their 2 of the field, the safety rescues.